CARLEY KAHN is a collection of earth-conscious fabrics reflecting the raw beauty of the natural world as seen through a contemporary and curious lens. Our designs radiate a sense of serenity so that your home may also be a place of homecoming - a place to restore and recharge. We believe a home should be a living, breathing reflection of your most authentic self. Our patterns were designed with this in mind to shift and change, mix and match, throughout the seasons of the year and of your life. Our organic fibers underscore our commitment to your personal well-being and that of our collective home, Earth.


After receiving her MS in Communications Design from Pratt Institute and studying textile design at the Danish Design School in Copenhagen, Carley worked as a textile designer in the home interiors market in New York for several years. A native of the Pacific Northwest, she returned to Portland, Oregon, where she now lives with her husband and three year old son. Each design begins in her backyard studio where she draws upon nature, the artistic process, fine and folk art, travel, and folklore for inspiration. She is particularly fascinated with how other cultures and previous generations of artists have interpreted a connection with nature. Her evolution as a designer is reflected in each collection with techniques including photographic manipulation, paper marbling, and water color painting; the common thread connecting them all is a deep reverence for nature. Carley launched her namesake line of textiles in 2012, envisioning that beautiful products, ethically made, will elevate the home environment and the world we live in.


Our intention is to bring today's ethos of beauty, well-being, and sustainability into your home. We aim to inspire beautiful, curated spaces while fostering open dialogue about sustainability with our customers. Integral to every decision we make is our commitment to environmental and social responsibility; please read here about steps we have taken to create ethically. We believe whole-heartedly that the convergence of inspiration, timeless design, and conscientious manufacturing will help your home reflect and resonate the beauty of the world we live in.